Toddy Martin

I hit my rock bottom. £7500 debt, a broken heart, a university drop out with no motivation to ever have more than a minimum wage job and enough money to go out drinking every other night.

It was like every time I thought I hit my rock bottom, I went down further. When life was good it was unappreciated; I was addicted to the drama and chaos that life could give me.

I spiralled more and more thinking I was in control and now I’m left with a suicide attempt and all these ideas, but I know I am more. I have so much going on inside that I’ve stayed still on the outside but I’m ready for change.

Welcome to my blog – I’m not reviewing products and I’m not going to give guides or advice. I’ve hit the depths of my mind and gone to the dark places, realised the darkness of reality and I’m ready to write about it. If you read my blog you’ll probably end up depressed, confused, or angry but I promise to be open and honest and tell you everything.

Speak soon 🙂